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College Admissions Individualized for You 


Application Services

College Selection

Deciding where to apply is no small task. To begin, I first get to know you, and understand what you want to achieve during and after college. I also understand any financial limitations or preferences. We then determine your college list and application strategy.

Story Telling

As a small child and young adult, you have lived through many wonderful learning experiences. It is my job to help you figure out what stories are most important to you, most relevant to your story and most important to share with colleges and universities.

Essay Writing

Writing compelling stories is my biggest strength. Once we finalize your story, we will apply it across all of the essays you need to write - both long and short. We will work together to both create an outline, as well as edit and fine tune the final versions.

Interview Prep

If you apply to colleges with an interview, I will help you prepare! My professional background is in Human Resources and Recruiting -  I am well-versed in preparing and succeeding within an interview. From talking points to practice interviews, I have your back!

Resume Creation

From figuring out the order of your activities to formatting to writing the short blurbs under each activity, I am here to help you create your college application resume. We will make sure your resume complements the rest of your application package.

Off the Waitlist

Sometimes we end up on the waitlist of our dream school and still want to get accepted. We review submitted applications, figure out where to highlight new strengths and ultimately, guide you through communication with the college or university.

Add-On Service: Jobs & Internships

As I former recruiter, I have helped thousands of people get hired. I have worked in multiple industries, including financials services, hospitality, healthcare, wellness, technology, and in organizations of all sizes (both established & large and small & start-up companies). I love helping high school and college students define their story, build their first professional resumes, write their first cover letters and obtain roles that excite them. I walk students through the full recruiting process - from applications to interviews to negotiating job offers to accepting their first career-focused job opportunity.

Who We Love to Work With

College Students

High School Freshmen

High School Sophomores

High School Juniors

High School Seniors

Transfer Students

Students with Financial Need

While we work with students from all financial backgrounds, we take pride in our ability to approach the college process from a financial perspective, with significant focus on financial and merit aid potential.

Students with Special Needs

We care deeply about our clients, and do all we can to individualize the college application process. Sami is the mom of a beautiful son, with autism... offering inclusive support is very important to her.

Students of all Demographics

The US is a melting pot, and college is an amazing place to meet people from all corners of life. As a Hispanic women, Sami loves to help students from all backgrounds achieve their potential.

College Athletes

Playing sports in college is a very unique experience, and can require significant self-advocacy in high school. As a former gymnast and diver, Sami loves to help students, pursue their passions.

Students Who Want Support

We believe in supporting students, who want support. We give 110% and desire the same in return. This process is quite introspective. We want students who will put in the hard work to reach their dreams.

Comprehensive Program Support

All high school juniors and seniors who work with Rose College Prep will gain access to all of Rose College Prep's college application support resources and materials. Program includes content around selecting your college major, choosing your application list, writing impactful essays, applying to scholarships to deciding on your final college choice.


Course materials are intended to supplement live video sessions with Sami.


Hi! I'm Sami and I am the owner of Rose College Prep. I love to help students through each step of the college application journey.


I have a 12 year track record of guiding students and getting them accepted into top tier programs, both private and public universities. 

My former professional background was in recruiting and sales. Researching, writing and sharing a compelling story is my greatest talent and joy.


I have a B.S. in Communication from Cornell University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. I also earned a College Counseling certificate with distinction from UCLA. While my education is helpful, you want to hire me because I will work tirelessly to help you get into the school of your dreams.


About Me

What Clients Say


Sami's willingness to share her skills, knowledge, and expertise of the college application process with me got me into an amazing college. I was very fortunate to have such an amazing mentor who provided me with so much support and encouragement. Who gave me feedback on my progress by meeting with me regularly and kept me on task. Applying to college is stressful, but with the support of a mentor like Sami, it will feel like a breeze.


Sami is an amazing counselor who makes sure future college students' stories are told. She really helped me finish all my essays in time, while also taking the time to give writing tips to make the essays extra special. Thanks to her, I feel very proud of the essays we wrote and it was thanks to her for elevating my writing to the next level.


Sami was very helpful throughout the entire college application journey, from motivating me to write my best essays to finding the right schools for me. A perfect guide to help fulfill the gap between what the colleges are offering and what a student has to offer and aid them to enroll into their dream schools. Always on time, and will never miss a comma and will respond to students texts very fast. Amazing help!!!


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