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RCP: Early Admissions Results


Rose College Prep is thrilled to share that ~90% of our US students, who chose to apply Early Decision, were admitted into their Early Decision schools!

Even more exciting: most of these student's grades and test scores were NOT perfect (and at times, even below the school’s averages!). This includes multiple schools with overall acceptance rates of 7-12%!

Noteworthy Acceptances

Northwestern Early Decision

Our student this year, with a 23 on her ACT, was accepted Early Decision to Northwestern.

Washington University in St. Louis Early Decision

Our student this year, in the top 25% of her graduating class (not 5% or top 10%!), was accepted Early Decision to Northwestern.

Other Acceptances

Some other noteworthy Early Decision acceptances include Cornell University, NYU Stern, Smith College, Swarthmore College. Also, amongst students who chose to apply to schools Early Action (not ED) had acceptances into University of Michigan, University of Miami, University of Wisconsin, University of Virginia and Case Western Reserve University (with scholarships of $45,000 per year!).

We are so thrilled for our students this year and look forward to results in the Regular Decision round!

Have Questions?

Reach out to Sami Greenberg, Founder of Rose College Prep, at, or schedule a free 30-minute consultation here.

Sami has worked with students since she graduated college in 2010, helping them through the full college application process---including career search, college list selection, essay writing and financial aid process. Sami is highly passionate about helping students understand themselves and building self-confidence through this pivotal life moment.

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