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Part 2: How to Get Off the Waitlist?

If you are reading this blog, you may have been waitlisted and are trying to determine how to get off the waitlist at your dream school. While there are many factors that lead someone to be waitlisted, I hope this blog post can aid you, as you write your continued interest letter.

Now that you are waitlist... What can you do now?

Before you take any external actions, I highly recommend any person who was deferred or waitlisted, do some self-reflection on their application and identify gaps or areas that can be improved. Feel free to first read Part 1: How to Get Off the Waitlist? and learn some of the common themes that may lead to a waitlist or deferral.

In addition to self-reflection, you should share your full application with someone that doesn't know you (or even better, to a college counselor). That person can shed specific insight into where your application wasn't as convincing and where there may be gaps, needing to be explained.

Once you understand the gaps in your application, after self-reflection and after sharing your application with others, you should write a strong letter to the admissions team to address your application gaps and areas of improvement.

For example, here are a few topics you may want to include in your continued interest letter:

  1. Your plan in-college and post-graduation. Depending on your initial application, you may share your ultimate life career goals. You may also share courses, internships or research opportunities you plan to pursue during your time at their college. Furthermore, you may explain how their clubs will help you in your pursuit to your career goals.

  2. Your desire to attend their university. If true, you should share that their university is your number one choice and if admitted, you would attend (yes, be that blunt!). If you haven't already shared, you may share all the research you have done on their university (e.g. campus visits, conversations with current students, conversations with alumni). In addition, you may explain why their university is particularly beneficial to you (perhaps you want be close to home, where you can care for your grandmother, when needed).

  3. Your unique qualities that will add to their campus. You may want to be creative, and share why you will be a great roommate or teammate to fellow classmates. Perhaps you are passionate about a specific activity - you may share how you plan to get involved on-campus (and maybe lead specific initiatives). Even better, you may share recent accomplishments that would make you highly valuable to one of their clubs, organizations or academic departments.

Regardless of how you plan to write your continued interest letter, we wish you the best of luck! We know waiting isn't fun.

Have More Questions?

Should you have any specific questions about your past applications or continued interest letter, feel free to e-mail Rose College Prep at We offer free 15-minute consultations. We are here, if you need us!

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