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Advice for Parents of High School Juniors

The fall college application season for high school seniors can be incredibly stressful. Below are a few action items, parents can take to support their children this spring and summer.

Four Actions for Parents of Rising HS Seniors:

1. Create a budget. Being realistic with your family’s finances, creating an annual college budget and having an honest conversation with your high school student is so important for their ability to finalize their college list and make their own academic decisions. If relevant, discuss the consequences with your student about taking out a loan.

2. Visit college campuses. Take your student to visit nearby campuses. This will be a great opportunity for your student to see/feel what it’s like on-campus, as well as a wonderful opportunity for you two to share an adventure together.

3. Discuss essay topics. Spending the summer writing the common app essay and/or supplemental essays can be a great use of time for your high school student, to reduce their stress in the fall. While I don’t recommend parents take an active role in essay writing, reminding the student of their ‘meaningful’ life moments can help the student recall specific memories they may want to share with colleges. Ultimately, it is the student's decision what he/she writes about!

4. Encourage self-advocacy. Make sure your student asks for letters of recommendation early - whether that be their high school teacher or counselor, or manager at their job. Letters of recommendation can be incredibly important in the decision process at selective schools. By asking this spring/summer, recommenders will have ample time to write thoughtful letters. Encourage your high school seniors to have an in-person meeting with the recommenders to discuss his/her college list, major preferences, career goals and any stories the recommenders should consider including in their letter. Make sure the student writes them a thank you note as well!

Have More Questions?

Do you have more questions? Feel free to reach out to Rose College Prep at We offer free 15-minute consultations. We are here, if you need us!

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